CMPC Pulp produces Bleached Kraft Pulp, offering softwood made from Radiata Pine and hardwood from Eucalyptus. Both are manufactured exclusively from wood that is harvested from managed forests, guaranteeing pulp products of consistent and stable physical and mechanical quality. The Laja mill in Chile and Guaíba mill in Brazil also produce paper.

All of the products manufactured by CMPC Pulp in Chile are backed by CERTFOR - PEFC Chain of Custody certification. Santa Fe and Guaíba BEKP as well as Laja and Pacifico BSKP have also received FSC certification for their Chains of Custody. The forests used and products manufactured at Brazil's Guaíba mill have also been CERFLOR - PEFC approved.

CMPC Celulosa Products
Product Raw Material Applications
Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp (BSKP) Radiata Pine Printing and writing paper, coated and uncoated; cardboard; tissue and specialty products.
Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp (BEKP) Eucalyptus Fine printing and writing paper, high quality tissue paper and specialties.
Sack Kraft Paper Radiata Pine Bags and paper sacks.