CMPC Celulosa is a business division of Empresas CMPC, an integrated forestry group headquartered in Chile with subsidiaries in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

The company is the fourth largest pulp supplier in the world. Total production capacity at its four mills (three in southern Chile and one in the Brazilian state of Río Grande do Sul) comes to 4.0 million tons per year.

Its mills are mainly supplied by wood taken from the company's own managed lands, which are controversy-free and easily traced to their final destination, as confirmed by the CERTFOR-PEFC chain of custody certification in Chile and CERFLOR certification in Brazil.

In 2015, CMPC Celulosa reported sales of US$1,956 million, including the Brazilian operation as it was incorporated in December 2009. Some 83% of Chilean production was exported, mainly to Asia, America and Europe.

Facts & Figures
Production Mills
Chile: Santa Fe, Pacífico, Laja.
Brazil: Guaíba.
Total Production Capacity*
Total: 4,095,000 ADt/year:
- Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp (Radiata Pine): 730,000 ADt/year.

- Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp (Eucalyptus): 3,205,000 ADt/year

- Sackraft Papers and Others: 160,000 ADt/year

Total sales * US$ 1,956 million
Physical sales *
- Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp (Radiata Pine): 25%
- Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp (Eucalyptus): 75%
Destination *
- Export: 79%
- Local market (Chile): 17%
- CMPC overseas subsidiaries: 4%
International markets * Asia (52%); Europe (33%); the Americas (10%); Others (5%).
EBITDA * US$581 million

* Company Overview, December 2015

Mission Statement

“We are a leading global company in the production and marketing of pulp that provides a differentiated value proposition to our various customer segments.

Our offer is based on leadership in costs, consistent quality products, a logistics service of excellence, and raw materials from certified sustainable plantations.

We have an absolute commitment to safety, the environment and social milieu.

We contribute significantly to the development of our customers´ businesses and to the creation of sustainable economic value for our investors, maximizing the corporate nature of CMPC and drawing on its knowledge bank on forestry and paper.

We have highly committed people who achieve their goals in a stimulating work environment which generates a success-oriented, collaborative culture.”


“Produce world-class pulp for the softwood and hardwood markets that is destined for paper fabrication”


Key points in CMPC Celulosa's business strategy:

· Efficient operation of large production mills
· Raw materials from our own managed forests
· Firm and lasting commercial relationships with our clients
· Protect people and the environment
· High quality standards under constant observation